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Generic Golf

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So I worked a little bit on my Golf game for the Channel F. But I got to thinking that "Golf" is a really generic title. Perhaps I should name it something different. So I'm thinking about what to call this game. I can't think of anything good. The only thing I can think of is "Back 9 Golf." Or perhaps "Hitting the Links." "Tee Time." Nah. Does anyone have any suggestions? If so, reply to this or PM me.

Right now I think it's about two-thirds of the way finished. I got most of the game engine down. Although I can't really add a hole where there's a tree and a lake (space restrictions I think. I don't want the thing to think too hard and screw what I have all up). I had been failing at making an Atari 2600 game using assembly. And it stinks because the scanline count wavers. Odyssey 2 sort of has the same problem. So I guess Channel F is a great console to program for if you are having a hard time with assembly. Same goes for the Pokemon Mini.

The Channel F is quickly becoming a favorite to program for assembly-wise. Its small library means I can add something completely original and chances are it's something that hasn't been done yet. The only downside is there is no Channel F flash cart or Everdrive-type device for it. If there was, I would buy it immediately, much like I did with the Ditto Mini for Pokemon Mini.

Went to the game store. They still have that Neo Geo Pocket and 4 games for $150. I really wonder how they come up with absurd prices like that. eBay? Sword of Hayja for the Game Gear is $50. I can get it for much cheaper on eBay, so I don't know. Then I stopped at Burger King and got a really yummy Whopper Jr.

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