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First week



For some reason Impact is now back to being Performance (see addendum in a previous blog entry).


With Performance the Self Powered shows 57%, though the date range for the Week is wrong:

Energy Usage screen has the correct date range.
blogentry-3056-0-78463200-1557428963_thumb.png blogentry-3056-0-22807700-1557428984_thumb.png

Solar produced of 83% of my power usage (230/277) as Friday and Tuesday had low production due to storms. Home usage on those days does drop a bit as the AC does not have to run as frequently.

Usually From Powerwall should be slightly under To Powerwall due to conversion, however this week I had to do the initial charge for the battery, which was down to 0%. The battery's backup buffer was set to 16%, so normal solar buffering for night usage would only draw down to 16%.

At the moment I do not receive credit for the 66.5 kWh of solar power sent to the grid, so I'll have to pay for the full 119 kWh I had to draw from the grid.


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