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“You know, sometimes I amaze even myself.” - Han Solo

Mike Harris


Updated to v9 and free to download.

I wish you guys would comment with your bug reports, ideas, thoughts....

Updated preliminary moving and placement of objects.

You can now move most objects in level 1 - 3. Map is fixed onto level one for simplicity.

3 keys, magnet, sword, chalice.

Place them in any room inside the world, even inside the castles.

Leave, go to the other side of the universe, come back and it will be in the exact same spot as you left it.
In the Super game that includes ALL 60 rooms, ALL Castles and ALL objects.

I want as polished as possible before animating my dragons, bats, gollywoggles or whatever.


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OK, after I ran some extra testing I have an auto-drop bug.

Where holding an object then picking up a different object may hang onto a previous object at times.


I also have to fix directional pickup and size offsets, adjust collision routine.


Press fire to drop object.

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