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I checked my old cds from magazines and I found a demo of Fallout.
Since this game was praised by many players, I decided to try it.
To play this demo on windows 10, set to windows 95 compatible.
[attachment=637304:bandicam 2019-05-19 19-31-40-576.png]
Fallout is a game about a desolate world when few people survives.
The little village runs by two gangs: fools and crypts.
The crypts is the dominant gang because they have a generator for the whole village.
[attachment=637307:bandicam 2019-05-19 19-19-17-687.png]
Thanks to remind me it's just a demo. Also I can't save or load either.
When the game starts, I have to join a gang either Crypts or Fools.
Peasants are angry toward you no matter you choose either gangs.
[attachment=637308:bandicam 2019-05-19 19-26-52-473.png]
Good dog.
The problem with this demo is, I always get killed quickly.
Either I choose a gang, I can't stay alive for more 10 minutes.
[attachment=637312:bandicam 2019-05-19 19-20-28-985.png]
I can't leave the village. Yuck!
For my first impression: Fallout is not a game for me unless I go further.


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