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Channel F programming: playing with the bmp2blit program

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So I got to thinking about my Golf game. I attempted to try to put in a title screen while browsing for info on any way to make a black sprite. While I never did find out how, I did run into the bmp2blit program, which basically converts a .bmp image into something that can be displayed with a Channel F. So I tried it. I finally got it to work, but the colors were wrong. I don't know why. After trying to solve this with no luck, I just decided to change the .bmp image to wrong colors so it would display correctly.
This is the result. I didn't think a white word would be possible, but there it is. (It's blue in my image.) This bumped it up to an 8k game though. Barely. How frustrating! It's like 4.2 k or something. So I can add a whole bunch of stuff. Perhaps I'll make it an 18 hole course if I can think of that many hole ideas. I'm surprised (and proud) that I got it working without help. Now that I think about it, I'll have to squish the words so they fit on the screen. It's like the TV in wide screen mode cutting off the extreme ends of the words on it.

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Ten years ago I used Channel F Picture Converter (v7.11.28) by Kurt Woloch, active on the forums. Combined with a picture viewer, it generated really good results within 2K binaries. It might only run on Windows XP class though, not sure.

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