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Get my comic, The Scientists #1-3 (It's the final week)

If you like adventures like the Goonies, but with a sci-fi thriller edge, check out this comic!
[center][background=rgb(251,251,250)]A group of young science prodigies are the lab rats in a deadly experiment.[/background][/center]
[center][color=rgb(101,105,105)][font='Maison Neue Book'][size=5][background=rgb(251,251,250)]Have they finally found the way out?[/background][/size][/font][/color][/center]




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For asking under $1000 US, the numbers of issues of digital/paper are limited.


You won't find them at the retail stores.

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correct. it is very limited print run of 125 copies, not available in retail stores. $1000 is to cover the printing and shipping of the comics and rewards. This will actually not cover all my costs, I will have to pay the rest out of pocket but that's okay.

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Do you print yourself  your book?


Will your book available from common stores like Amazon?


Amazon sells digital books I think.

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I am hiring a company to print the books.  They will not be available in any stores, other than a handful that I distribute to personally. I might try to get my digital book on Amazon and other platforms later.

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