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We all hate locked Castles don't we?

Mike Harris


A mans home is his castle.  So, in this day and age, with so much crime, we have to have locked doors.
Why?  Can't we trust golly woggles and dragons from breaking in and stealing your hard earned loot.
In version 10 you get first hand look-zies at my new castle lock and open animation.
Like always, check for bugs and just like always don't get back with me.
All keys visible can be picked up.
You can try any match you want, even the magnet, to unlock the castles and the castles should remained locked.  Only one key will open the corresponding colored castle.
I have code in place for closing the gate but it is not activated.
Gates stay open after you leave the room.  Routine also calls for staying closed when you leave but has not been implemented yet.
Update 0630...
Just updated the rom to v10.a
Update 0710... v10b   quick bug fix
Implemented some variables to further separate the Castles from each other.
One routine for opening and closing all doors.
Variables to save door position.
Updated Animation timing.
Going to bed.
Have fun.


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