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Uno game in Kull XBII for TI-99

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I wrote a version of Uno for the Atari in Atari Microsoft BASIC and posted a few blogs ago. Well, here is Uno in the Kull XBII. Kull XBII is a little known package to TI-99 Extended BASIC. Check an earlier post for more on the KXBII package.
One nice thing about KXBII is that it enables multi-color text which I use a lot in the program and it looks really good. Multi-color text is the best feature in KXBII.
As I detailed in the earlier post about KXBII is there are a few limitations such as a very limited amount of stack memory. And there is also a weird quirk, if you put text in location x=6, y=9 a little character flickers in the upper right of that character. Odd.
Anyway, here you go: uno.zip
enjoy HLO
I forgot to mention the game autoboots of the vdisk. It 1st starts KXBII then starts the game. takes about 15 seconds to start.
also included is an instruction manual.

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