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I have returned!

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Alrighty then, I'm back. I did not expect to come back to a forum update. I know there are some elements to the blog that have been 'broken', attached images mostly, I'll get them worked out over time though from what I heard Albert is currently working on it and he doesn't need me screaming in his ear over something he's aware of.


If you were all wondering about my unexpected, unannounced vacation, then I'll tell you. Myself and my parents went off to Portland Oregon to visit my sister who works at the hospital as a researcher. Since my family, apart from myself, are religious coffee drinkers it seemed only fair to go visit Seattle. We had a great time, we visited Pike's Place, went whale watching, and didn't get food poisoning for once. I even got a brief moment to enjoy my hobby of game collecting.


Deep in the bowels of Pike's Place is a little unassuming store called the Everything Store, and the name is incredibly accurate. Imagine a hoarder decided to just throw everything into a small store and call it good. This store had just a little bit of everything:books, movies, records, eight-tracks, stereo equipment, record players, cameras, handheld film cameras, stuff in general, and a few games. I wasn't actually going to buy anything but had a sudden change of heart near the end of the day. When it comes to shops like this you may walk past the Holy Grail and not even see it because it's hidden or is just out of your sight. I didn't find any Holy Grails that day but I did walk out with The Incredible Machine 2 CIB for 2$ and Star Trek the Next Generation: A Final Unity CIB for 5$, there was more but I couldn't justify lugging all of it across the country in my backpack, and besides the other stuff wasn't all too good.


I also got some reproduction movie posters from another shop in Pike's Place, I think they're going to be the greatest things I ever put up on my wall. I got three in total and they're for Attack of the 50ft Woman, Attack of the Crab Monsters, and Tarantula! Ah, there's nothing quite like 50's B horror movie posters.


We arrived at the airport at around 12:00 our time and after an entire week of eating fantastic meals it all ended with a midnight trip to McDonalds. I got to bed around 2:00 and I really wish I stayed there. 

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