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Golf again

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So with renewed interest in my Golf game I decided to work on it some more. One of the things I wanted to do, and did, was made the power meter faster. One of the things I plan to do is add an ending tune to the game. I have to compose one first. People want 18 holes, but I don't really have any more ideas for holes, so if I do make 18 holes, I'd need help with course designing.


I updated the Golf site with version 42 and also posted it in the game's AtariAge thread. Another thing I have been working on is adding a not-yet-made sprite animation frame to the dragonfly in the Frank the Fruit Fly game.


But my eye is watery and so I rub the water out and now my eye hurts. I don't know why it's just one eye and not the other though. It's the eye that usually hurts on its own. And apparently my Atari 7800 game I got off eBay came but I can't check the mail because the mail comes through a slot in the garage and if I go out there, the dog would think that Mom came home, and it's about 3 more hours until she does come home, and I don't want to give the dog's hopes up. Luckily it's not a million degrees outside.

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