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General Update

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Mike Harris


Nothing to see here other than progress.

No rom today.
However, updated the skill select screen to implement Difficulty A and B which is in the original game.
Updated variables, patterns and bears oh, my...

Not seriously working on it because it's summer and I have parental duties as well as house remodel.
At the same time its not as if people are dying to play Coleco Adventure.
It's more of a labor of love and to hone my programing skills.

I have 5 other games already mapped out after this one including Super Venture with complete treasure list as long as someone else doesn't get to it first.





Just added Black Bat with flapping animation.
First I had static setup with definitions in place now I am setting up AI, AI for levels, The ability to grab Bat and Bat's ability to pickup and drop objects.  This will also tie in with the Dragons.
Additional AI is to move about the world map and display only when in the same room.

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