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On occasion I tickle myself

Mike Harris


When I get it right.

So now I have the bat showing up only when it's in the same room with me.
Not as hard as I thought it would be.


Now I have to update movements for the entire maze and other AI.


I left a request for some animation routine in the Coleco Programing forum if anyone wants to share some Z80 timing code.
De...Bat flaps it's wings too fast but if I slow it down it slows the whole program so just one more thing to figure out.


Once the Bat's code is optimized will come the dragons.

Hopefully the whole thing will be released in the next couple of months provided I get the bugs out but don't hold me to it.
I do not want to release a game with bugs, I'm not Coleco or Bethesda for Bejebus sake.

Updating graphics and commenting code which I will release to the public eventually free of charge for learning purposes.
Maybe you can update and optimize it...

Around July 4 I will be on a road trip to see my 108 year old Aunt so I will be going dark for a couple of weeks.


Maybe I will take my laptop because the programing is in my blood.


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