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Do we really need barriers keeping secrets?

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Mike Harris


You would think making barriers would just be a single line going up and down in Adventure but noooooooooooo.


So, me over engineering things updated my barriers to be more wide and change colors per objects in the environment.


I suspect that down the road in the A2600 world and limitations this may have been a byproduct and not just to have a gold key and secret dot change the secret barrier to clear but in keeping with my perfection I rewrote a portion of my barrier routine.

Now it is just one routine for left and right sides.

Objects now change the color which I have to match the original because it seems certain objects have priority.
I observed starting out black, I hold the sword so the wall turns yellow but when I killed a green dragon the wall turned green.


So, this will be my next focus as well as setting up the magnet to attract objects and more Bat AI.

The level select screen has been updated as well.

Cleaned up a pile of code so now the rom is back down to 14.9k


Anyway, as previously mentioned I will be going on vaycay to see my 108 year old aunt so this may be my last entry for the month.

In a dark way, at 108, this may be HER last entry for the month.


Next rom release may actually be worth looking at.



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