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Wumpus Room

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I'm making a new project. A new newsletter-type thing. It will have pages of useless information and trivia in it. In case you've ever read an Uncle John's Bathroom Reader, kind of like that, only crazier and in newsletter form. Anyway, I decided to make a page dedicated to the wumpus. Why? Because it sounds funny. But there's just one problem: I don't have a TI-99. So I went to Wikipedia to research the page. What I want from TI-99ers is if you could read the page and verify the information on it to make sure it's correct. Because I don't want to print lies in my thing.


I am hoping to make many issues of this thing, and I want the first one to be finished in time for August. And the second one will be the special back-to-school issue. I did this because I was bored and not many people have been on the internet lately because it is the 4th of July holiday (or summer.) What is it with people going camping and crap? I like my house. It has a toilet. Anyway, read the Wumpus page here and tell me what you think.

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