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Insects are everywhere. I saw an ant in my room. It was horrible. They've been on the kitchen counter for a while now, but not in my room. I went to work on Frank the Fruit Fly last night. I was having trouble with it. Whenever I died, there was this pixel up at the top of the title screen. I kept trying different things to get rid of it, nothing was helping. Until I realized that that pixel wasn't just a bug pixel, it was the pixel from the bottom of the snowflake. I had set the snowflake's y position at 1 when Frank died. There were two options to get rid of it. #1 was to set it back to 0 when Frank died, or, #2 was to disable the sprite from appearing altogether. I chose #2 since there was a possibility that Frank could die and there would be another sprite on the screen. I also disabled a third sprite from showing up (in case Frank died on a screen where there were two other sprites.)


Apparently my password screen fix doesn't work every time, since a few glitches happened again. One was where the game froze when I got to level 2. That was interesting. All these glitches randomly occurring in the Pokemini emulator, but I've never once seen any on a real Pokemon Mini. How odd. I noticed Frank was bobbing up and down on Level 2, so I went back into the sprite file and moved up the offending sprite one pixel. That fixed it. So I've been asleep all day. I'm trying to get my life around so I'm asleep all night and awake all day like a normal person. I woke up at about 11:00pm.

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