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S.O.P. Track 10 - Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 In G Major-1st Movement

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A major rewrite of the Arduino/Atari communication software was accomplished.  It seems the Cassette Motor Control pin causes a spike when it switched.  (You can hear it in some of the previous tracks.)  BIT 7 of PORTA has been configured for output.  Joystick 2 trigger can be used as BIT 7 if its ever needed.


It took a couple of weeks of software trouble shooting to figure out that the hardware was the problem.  The output power from the CMC was enough to trigger the optocoupler but the power from the joystick port was not.  A resister was changed and the software seemed to be working the way it should.


There still seems to be a click but is a little less noticeable.


Sorry, I wasn't going to get technical.


Brandenburg no3 First Movement.mp3



Music File origin:    BRAND.MUS - thanks to unknown person

                                  TRACK10.MUS - Recorded

Control Computer: 130XE

      Sequencer Software:  MIDI Music System by Lee Actor

                 Voice 1 - PAT5

                 Voice 2 - PAT6

                 Voice 3 - PAT7

                 Voice 4 - PAT8

      MIDI out: MIDIMAX

Sound Source:

       Atari 130XE (#2)

           MIDI in: Arduino Software:  MONOSYN_1-Byte_Data_rC.ino

           Monitor output to mixer


           Software: ADSR0D.M65  (recompiled for voice settings)

                                                        (.Included READMIDC.M65) -





                              Loaded from ATARIMAX Cart.

Mixer:  Behringer Xenyx 1202 FX

              Mic One input - Atari  monitor port

              FX :  #3  MID HALL 1

Recorder:  PC - Audacity 2.1.2

                           File: Brandenburg no3 First Movement.aup

                           - Sync tracks and trim



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