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Feeding My Atari (and NES) #8

Atari 2600   @Good Deal Games

  • 2nd Dimension, The
  • Atom Smasher   (Case; #73 of 100)
  • Clyde's Revenge


Nintendo Entertainment System   @RetroUSB

  • Assimilate   (Boxed)
  • Beat 'Em and Eat 'Em
  • More Glider   (Boxed)
  • Solaris   (Boxed)


AtariAge has also shipped an order, which should arrive shortly.


While the Good Deal Games store is currently closed technically, they are still excepting, processing, and shipping orders. The store should be officially open by the end of July. Michael has added additional items in which discounts are available when the buyer mentions cessnaace in the comments field when placing an order. Here are the available cessnaace offers:



Downright Bizarre Games: Video Games That Crossed The Line

by Michael Thomasson

$10 off on the purchase of either the Softcover or Hardcover edition.




Atari 7800 Prototype (unfinished)

$5 discount



1 FREE with every 2 purchased.




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