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S.O.P. Track 11 - Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 In G Major-2nd Movement



Bach had the idea to write the second movement  as 2 cords in one measure.  Some believe that it was a place holder and Bach was going to finish the second movement at a later date and others say it provided a musician a starting point for improvisation.


Wendy Carlos created a track that had me thinking her efforts were directly influenced by Bach's spirit.  I'm not so lucky (or maybe your not so lucky).


I took the notes of the cords and arranged them in sequence to produce the following.  I'm not sure Bach would have approved of the somewhat haunting melody the sequence produced. 


Brandenburg No3 second movement.mp3



Music File origin:   IMPROV01.MUS - k-Pack


Control Computer: 130XE

      Sequencer Software:  MIDI Music System by Lee Actor

                 Voice 1 - PAT8

                 Voice 2 - PAT6

      MIDI out: MIDIMAX


Sound Source:

       Atari 130XE (#2)

           MIDI in: Arduino Software:  MONOSYN_1-Byte_Data_rC.ino

           Monitor output to mixer


           Software: ADSR0D.M65  (recompiled for each voice settings)

                                                        (.Included READMIDC.M65) -



                              Loaded from ATARIMAX Cart.


Mixer:  Behringer Xenyx 1202 FX

              Mic One input - Atari  monitor port

              FX :  #3  MID HALL 1


Recorder:  PC - Audacity 2.1.2

                           File: Brandenburg no3 Second Movement.aup

                           - Sync tracks and trim




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