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Frank the Fruit Fly update - second one of July 2019

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I have been so busy working on Golf for the Channel F that I decided for a change of pace to work on something else. I decided for a challenge, to make the numbers in the password letters, so it resembles an actual passWORD (instead of passnumber). The part I had forgotten was before I actually used to write the word on level 2's intro screen instead of making it the entered entry. Which I guess doesn't make much sense. How would you know it if you got to level 2 and didn't know it before? I'm sleepy.


This caused a problem I had to go away. The last letter was having the same 8x8 square as one of the 8x8 squares of the title screen, which would be part of a cloud, so it was a curved line. So I went and added the letters down to the bottom of the numbers which are off screen so they can be called up whenever needed rather quickly, which I guess would only be for the score (and 0 as a small circle whenever I needed one.)


Below is the screen for level 2 intro I used in the game. Notice all the numbers and letters down there. They don't show up on the screen. I am wondering how other games did text, but I don't have very much text, so my way is good enough. There is a similar screen I used omitting the letters "level 2" so that part looks gray.


I don't seem to know what causes it, but I've been having trouble a few times with the password screen being all weird. I'm wondering if what I did solved it. I am also wondering if I should make the k something different because it might look too much like the letter h. I was tired of seeing all the passwords being uppercase in games (like the Game Genie!) so I thought I'd make them lowercase.


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