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Switched On Pokey - Epilogue

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My Catch-22:  If I knew what I know now, I am not sure I would have started this project.  But If I didn't start this project, I would not have learned what I know now.


It seems like it has taken forever to finish the tracks but I'm not sure when it started.  In October 2018 the prologue was written; that's only 10 months.  If you consider I started experimenting with programing MIDI, it started when "Computer Blues" was modified to output midi commands through the 850's RS232 port; September 2016.  I would expect that it took about 2 months of work from track one to twelve, if you only consider when inspiration and motivation were at sufficient levels to advance the project.


Much thought was put into deciding if some of the tracks should be redone (they are not all my favorites).  There is still a lot that can be done to the Arduino interface. The Atari Software could use a few more options.  These changes will come in the future. 


Today, I am even more amazed at what Wendy Carlos was able to accomplish in 1968 to produce Switched On Bach. Just the fact that I didn't have to deal with the Atari detuning half way through recordings and the free multi track recording software is so much easier to use then tape; the lack of which would have stopped me in her tracks.




Rough draft for the cd jewel case insert.

SOP Jewl case draft.pdf

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