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Taco Games

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Some aren't too fond of my 7800 games in the past so I'm going to quietly release this on this blog.  For a while, I've been posting silly stuff on the Atacobox thread in which there -really- isn't anything there (IMHO);  it's just an empty plastic shell.  And to substitute, the thread has been inundated with taco pics because...well tacos are tasty.  I've asked Walter (Gambler172) to test a game out I've created which is a 3-in-1 game for the Atari (please don't sue) 7800 system.  It's three games in one to poke fun at the entire Atacobox dumpster fire.


The first game is an updated Fast Food clone only with nicer graphics and everything you eat are tacos while avoiding Atacoboxes and Speakerhats.  There's also the fuji logo which will give you a 1-Up.


The second is a timed taco space shooter and you'll shoot Atacoboxes and Speakerhats a well as an occasional Speakerhat factory that floats above.  The tomatoes give you extra time while cheese makes your meat-fire extra big and allows you to turbo-fire for a limited time.  


The third is a Zombie Teen game.  You go around as a zombie teen, although you are a pretty normal person, and you must fart on other zombies and normal people trying to rack up points to keep the timer from going to zero.   The zombies don't hurt you but other creatures and even humans will.  And yes, there is an occasional taco to increase your score. 

















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