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Recapped and starting the DISK Emulator

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Mike Harris


The ADAM is now repaired, the new power supply is in.

For good measure I bought a Gana upscaler/HDMI port online for like $12 so now it's in 1080p @ 60


OK, so it doesn't look fantastic but it now goes through the HDMI port on my 4K TV Sound included.

If I ever want to play a Coleco game at 4K I'll just use an emulator.

I wish there was a way to get super video but I'll stick with this.
All I had to do is remove the board from the case and wire it directly along with 5v from the new power supply.

When I get the disk drive running I'll update this with pictures.

As far as my Adventure clone I put it on the back burner.
I had maybe 2 people that followed the project and I was one of them.

More to follow....

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