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SNES homebrew: where to get them?



I went to the game store and got Kirby Super Star for SNES. I beat Spring Breeze. And it made me think of what homebrew games are available (Don't ask me how my mind works, I don't know.) I cleaned my DKC cart which was horribly dirty and actually got it running now. I am listening to the map music as ambiance. So I went on a google search, but didn't really find much. An outdated list of what was in stock as of 2012 at NA was all I could come up with after googling "Super NES homebrew". So I pose this question: How do I buy actual cartridges of SNES homebrews? Where do I go?


I worked on Frank the Fruit Fly again. I added a screen with icicles. I still have emulation issues sometimes. I don't know why. I want to get the game finished by X-Mas 2021 which would be the Pokemon Mini's 20th anniversary. It would also be a lark to play Hydrosub 2021 for the ActionMax in 2021. Perhaps I'll make a new Actionmax homebrew in 2021 called "Hydrosub: What actually happened in 2021." I can't believe I'm talking about 2021 being only 2 years away. It makes me feel old.


I remember somewhere making predictions of life in 2020 in the year 2000. Next year, I'm going to dig it out and see if any were correct. Someone actually paid $90 for Conker's Bad Fur Day. We should have a SNES high score club.


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One homebrew for the SNES is Justice Beaver: The Great Timber Tantrum, which is nearing completion by Collectorvision Games. I'm one of the backers for it on Indiegogo, so I received an update a couple of weeks ago, which included a link to a Youtube video. I'll try to link to it here, although it's an Unlisted video so I don't know if this will work.


Justice Beaver Youtube Play Video



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