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Weekly doodles #2

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Last week, I had a doodle comic strip thingy. I thought I'd continue it. So I have this one, the next one and two more I need to scan and color. Here is this week's "Igloos Ablaze."


About the rightmost plate. I was originally going to draw a chocolate cake there, but after attempting to, I erased what I had and made onion rings instead. I also don't know why I draw the spoon there since he's not going to use it. Come to think of it, he's not going to use the knife and fork, either. I have decided I am going to try and put 16 different colors in each comic. That will make it more colorful while keeping it as a 4 bit image.


I worked on Frank the Fruit Fly yesterday. I worked on making the introduction to level 3. I attempted to go to sleep at about midnight, but I instead went and made a title screen for MidSpace. I figured it needed one, so I made one. Barely fit it in there, the game code has 2 bytes left!

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