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Testing a way to reimplement categories.  Tagged Collect and Warlords the entries as appropriate, then used the following query which limits results to my blog - just fill in the appropriate value for tags=________.





Need to figure out how to pin this blog entry to top.


Need to figure out how to sort the results as the order returned appears to be random.


Besides missing Categories, I've noticed these issues with blog entries:

  • Attachments are sometimes missing. example - if I edit I can see the attachment for assembly_6502.xml, but it's not visible in read mode.
  • HR used for spacing are now actual horizontal lines. example
  • code blocks lost returns/linefeeds resulting in all code being merged to a single line - on this note syntax highlighting for 6502 would be nice. example
  • some blog entries posted by "Guest". example


Recommended Comments

Invision has stated they are going to be adding categories to Blogs soon, as that's one of the most requested features.



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Good to know, I'll stop with this experiment then.  Syntax highlighting of code blocks for 6502/assembly would be nice - would that be something easy to add?

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Not sure, I'd need to investigate how the code highlighting works for other file types.  This is a commercial editor (CKEditor), and I assume the code syntax highlighting is one of the built-in features.  Not sure how easy it is to extend it (although there are many third-party modules available).



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The horizontal lines are actually kind of nice, would be useful to break a long blog entry into easier to see sections.  Is that something that could be added like the super/subscript was?

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7 minutes ago, SpiceWare said:

Added links to examples and a 4th issue, "Guest" posts.

That one is interesting, I wonder how that happened.  I can probably manually fix these.



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