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Quest of the Cranberry

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So I am fiddling around with Quest of the Cranberry, the Channel F game I was making before I made Golf. I made a title screen. I tried everything I could, but I could not make the sky white. Good thing it is blue and not some other dumb random color like green or something. I'm making level 2 underwater and level 3 be a snow level.




Last night I was working on Frank the Fruit Fly for the Pokemon Mini, trying to put all the graphics in one bank. It took me all night, but I finally got it done at about 6 a.m. or so. Last night I saw an ant on my computer monitor in my room, so I decided to clean up my desk it was on a little.


The two games are alike, with an odd main character moving from screen to screen Pitfall-style doing stuff and unlocking puzzles along the way. Quest of the Cranberry is 8k now because of the title screen, though the main code is only about 2,400 lines long.


I looked and the last time I was working on QotC was back in February. So now the webpage has been updated. I have an idea for an Easter egg in this game. Hopefully I won't forget it.

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