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Sub Scan (Sega)



I have a bad idea for you all today, Sub Scan, this game is a bad idea. On a conceptual level this game just shouldn’t exist, it’s so barebones that very few people will spend enough time playing the game to actually experience it in any meaningful way. I could talk about the sounds and the graphics, but why should I when the game itself does not deserve them. Even if the sounds are completely terrible, and the graphics are unfortunately good, I refuse to talk about them because the game is so stupid. You must drop depth charges onto submarines passing below, this is very much like a reverse Marine Wars or Air-Sea Battle, and is very much like Sea Monster from Bit Corporation, except Sub Scan manages to screw it up. None of the enemy subs fire back at you, they will just cruise pass and wait to get destroyed, it’s basically a shooting gallery game where nothing changes except the enemies move a bit faster as you hit more and more. None of the switches are used, you are stuck on the one difficulty and there is nothing you can do but slog through wave after wave of slow as molasses subs until there is a bit of real challenge. There is a bonus system shoehorned in, basically every sub you destroy adds to your bonus and when you hit the special bonus sub you collect that cumulative bonus, the higher total subs you destroy the more points added to your bonus per sub. The bonus system does not add anything to the game, if anything it seems to increase my apathy and the effort used to implement this could have been put toward something more enjoyable like having the enemies fire back or something. I’m almost tempted to classify Sub Scan as a Non-Game, there is barely enough content to entice me to play it again and the content the game does have only seems to fill me with a dreadful, painful apathy towards all things. This game has demoralized me so much I might actually enjoy work tomorrow.


Collector’s Zone, and I’m not going to give you any pricing information because the game isn’t worth owning. The best part of the game is the box it comes in.

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Apparently this is a port of a 1979 Sega arcade game called Deep Scan, in which the enemy subs did indeed fire back.  I remember reading a review back around 1983 or so that felt just as you did... the game just is beyond pointless without enemy fire to dodge.

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