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Stayin' Alive

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I had this dream where I was making an album of Beatles songs set to disco music. I woke up and thought to myself, "man that was weird, but there's an idea in there." So I began today to make disco Christmas carols. Researching "Jingle Bells" lyrics, I had no idea there were 3 additional verses to it. Mr. Pierpont certainly went a little overboard. Right now I am listening to the soundtrack to Saturday Night Fever while I'm typing this. I think I'll add a string section to Deck the Halls. And I am going to compose a new disco song, the first one in about 40 years. "Santa Gets Down (At the Discotheque)".


I had to find the CD of disco music, but I did find it. I had to change the batteries in my flashlight so I could see in the pantry without turning the light on in it. 3 D's! Oh well. Haven't been working on making games for a few days. I don't know why, I'm just doing other things (like sleeping.) I know perhaps I'm not the best person to do disco (I was born a little after it died), but hey, someone has to do it. It might as well be me. And in case you're wondering if it's spelled "Collectable" or "Collectible," you can use both. I saw the word "Collectable" and thought it looked wrong. So I looked it up.

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Good luck, though I believe there have been brand new disco songs composed along the years. I might get inspired to try as well. I made some jazzy Christmas songs some 15 years ago but disco is a bit different than jazz.

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