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Nuclear Pacman


Well, I'm officially 'status pending' for being a TAKL provider. If you don't know, TAKL is an app where people can hire regular joe handy-men to do household tasks at a price that is pre-set. I've signed up to be a provider, since I know a few things about maintaining a house and yard work. I'm really hoping this opens up a decent supplemental income for me, as my full-time job, which I've been at for almost 25 years, just isn't paying enough anymore. My raises haven't kept up with cost of living. I'm a printing press operator by trade, and where I live, it's not so simple to just switch jobs.


My cousin told me he has a co-worker that does work with TAKL and makes good money and likes it, so I'm looking to take advantage. It's nice too, because I get complete control of the jobs that I accept, so I can always work with confidence. I'll do shit work like cleaning/repairing gutters, or installing light fixtures if it pays well, what the hell. I have tons of tools just sitting in my basement workshop, might as well put them to good use.

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I received notification that I'm accepted as an official TAKL provider, so now I can start taking jobs. Cool. Although, at first look, there's not much available at the moment. Cross my fingers that this app will get more customers.

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