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So birthday present list making time has rolled around once again. This time I'm going to ask for a couple of books that don't have the letter E in them. There are only a couple of them. You can read more about what is called a "lipogram" on the page I made for them http://atari2600land.com/e/

It includes my work-in-progress one I'm working on. And to make sure, after every page I complete, I do a search for 'e'. I haven't had a time yet where I didn't need to go back and fix my occasional e slippage. Sometimes a rogue "the" gets in.


I have only found three novels through my duckduckgoing (NOT "googling") that omit the letter E. This is why I am attempting to make a fourth. So why do I do this? Because I'm weird, I love wordplay. I also worked on my Atari 7800 game GoSub today. I fixed a sound bug at the title screen. I slept almost all the time, which I think is due to the cloudy, sometimes raining weather we had today. It's nice, a break from the constant-80-degree-weather we've been having.

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I suppos if you allow for riplacing or iliminating litturs, you will hav much bitter luck in writing a novil without it.

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