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So I thought I'd do another Odyssey 2 game. To see if I still could make an Odyssey 2 game. So I made a title screen:


So I made this, and then wondered what to make the game about. Since an adventure game would be too complicated, and I needed something non-random seeing as how I'm using something that apparently disables me being able to use random functions somehow, I thought and thought. The result: Make it a racing game, like Excitebike (or, since after all I am atari2600land, MotoRodeo.)


That, and the only racing game that seems to be on the Odyssey 2 is Speedway. It was originally going to be called "Craig", but that wouldn't fit with the logo I was making. So I had to name the cranberry Chris. I had a horrible time trying to make the different background color thing work, but eventually I got it working on both O2EM and Homer. Yay! This screenshot was made using the Homer Odyssey 2 emulator. I'll get my Odyssey 2 out and see if it still works.

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