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My entertainment budget is close to $0.00

Kobra Kai


I only make a little over $30k/year, and up to now it's been ok, since I'm childless, I've usually had a decent entertainment budget for myself. The escrow on my house went up over $200 a few months back because they miscalculated the insurance amount, so I have to build the escrow back up. It will go back down next year, but in the meantime  I'm getting strapped for video game spending.


I recently was married to my now wife Amber, and she's definitely helping  with the bills and stuff. I'm not in danger of losing our house or anything, but I really am just scraping by. I'm pretty fortunate to live in a great neighborhood and in Indiana housing prices are lower than many other parts of the country. That means I can have a nice house in a nice neighborhood for what many of you would consider pennies. But then again, wages are lower around here too.


If you've seen my gameroom thread, you could say I have every game I've ever wanted, and you'd be right. I still want some new controllers, and some new board games. I'd also still like to buy some new Xbox1 releases as well. I also have been getting behind on purchasing the 4K movies I have on my wishlist. Usually I was able to keep up on current releases that I want, but I haven't even been able to afford John Wick 3, or the new Godzilla yet, and I really want those.


There's some Dreamcast games I really want, Hydro Thunder and Crazy Taxi for one. They don't cost too much, but it's really that tight right now. In 4 months I will pay off my 2016 Nissan Murano, once that happens I'll have some discretionary spending once again. Unfortunately, that happens AFTER Christmas, so I have to figure something out there as far as gift giving.


I'll make do. Just venting my personal drama.....


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After a couple of years I appealed the Mortgage company to drop the escrow and I paid my insurance and taxes on my timetable and using the extra money to pay off my mortgage.

Now after a few more years our mortgage was paid off and we get to keep every damn cent we make outside of the yearly taxes.

There is really no need for homeowners insurance either.
There is nothing outside of the entire house burning down that I can't repair and it's been here for over 30 years so I doubt if nature is going to take it.

Pay off your house.  They tell you not to because they want you to give them money for the next 30 years.

We ended up saving over $100K in interest that would have gone to some other ass's pocket.
We will live rent free till the end of days.
Every extra cent, no entertain, old underwear, no new car, no eating out...  Trust when I say it is great being debt free.

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