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How to get out of work early (Never Again!)



Yesterday I had the privilege of adding something to my “Never Again” list, a list I just created of things that I never want to do/experience again, and at work no less. It seemed like it was going to be a slow night, I had finished all of my set tasks and had just finished my break, I had noticed that about halfway through one of my coworkers had come in and raided the first aid cabinet, I figured he’d cut his finger or something and thought nothing of it. When my break ended I decided to use the bathroom, best to do it on company time and not during break, upon entering the bathroom I realized why my coworker was in a rush to get to the first aid cabinet.


Blood, blood absolutely everywhere.


 On the floor, on the door, on the sink, mirror, walls, everywhere, the only place it wasn’t was on the ceiling. The handicap stall looked like there had been a murder committed in there, it turns out my coworker had nicked his wrist on his box cutter and it had bled profusely. I quickly fetched my manager so he could figure out next steps. He got my coworker properly bandaged and had him sit down in the break room to fill out an accident report, and guess who got left with two gallons of bleach, a mop, a bucket, and a bathroom covered in blood? If you guessed me then you’d be correct.


Blood is incredible, it finds the most inconvenient places to splatter and conglomerate and then it goes there and dries up. I washed the floors, and the walls with a bleach/water mix, and in what might be considered a danger to my health I dumped an entire gallon of bleach on the toilet. My eyes were burning, my lungs were burning, and I couldn’t be in that stall for more than a few seconds at a time without coughing and retching. The toilet, my god the toilet, one could hardly tell it was supposed to be white, I wasn’t going to get personal with it so I just used the mop on the thing as well, a mixture of toilet water, bleach, and crusted dried blood was clinging to me, my pants were absolutely ruined.


After a good 45 minutes of mopping and scrubbing I finally cleaned up all the blood and the bathroom was probably cleaner than it had ever been. After a short chat with my manager he allowed me to go home early to clean myself up. I think I’ve earned the respect of the entire store, as I think I can firmly say that I’m the only one there who’s volunteered to mop up a bloody bathroom, they don’t pay me enough to do crap like that. Worst of all, my pants are ruined.


My coworker is fine by the way, he stopped bleeding, though I think of the two of us I came out worse since everything still smells like a public pool and my pants are ruined.

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In case it happens again, the Internet suggests a mix of 1 part bleach, 9-10 parts water. Let it do its magic on the blood for 20 minutes before you wipe it away. Dab, don't scrub. But I suppose in a situation like that, you wouldn't start looking up on the web how to deal with the job.

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