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I've been working on Chris the Cranberry again today. While I was, I had a few instances where the entire screen flashed. I've had that happen before in games, but in this one, I wasn't doing much computing in it, or at least I thought I wasn't. But I think I have it squared away. I figured out my problem last night and I worked on it today and found another problem. But I think I solved it.


Here's what I am going to do. I will put the game's engine in the first 1k and the track info in the second 1k. I simplified the code a whole bunch to get rid of some needless code. Now I have it so both items will come up, but only one will show up on screen per item passing by (although I could have both of them with a little work.) But I still feel it needs something else besides a block and a zipper. Although there's not much more to that in Excitebike.


I also added a few sound effects. The seconds now tick away. Running into a block results in a "thud" sound. When I have track 1 done I'll add more tracks, and add a track number to the title screen (that you can change with the joystick). But before I do all that, I'd like to add some more stuff to the game play. Some new item that does something to help or hinder Chris. But I don't know what it is.

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