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DISPOSABLE PRINTERS. Goldmine of parts.

Mike Harris


Every Christmas I buy my kids disposable printers.  $20, $30, $49....
A cheap way so they can print out crap whenever they want.  Most of them come with built in scanners.

I used to just throw them out because they were so cheap and I would buy a new one next time around or even have a few sitting in boxes in case of emergencies.

BTW, the reason is not only because they are so cheap.  Ink is purposely expensive and they even went as far as to put a chip inside the ink so you can't refill them.  The EU sued Epson over this and won.
Point is they make money off the Ink while the printer themselves are just cheap garbage that work.

I remember when Scanners would be $200 and use the parallel port same as Printers.

And so we get to why...
This time around I gutted my printers, 3 of them just sitting and collecting dust for the garbage man...


In them I found a few screws because these are mostly snap together.


I now have three drive belts, 6 stepper motors, 3 WIFI chips, 3 controller boards and assortment of gears and springs.
A lot of surface mount parts I can scrap from the PCB's, Ribbon cables, Optical counters, Print Heads, LED's, Push Buttons...
3 pieces of tempered glass that can be a replacement for a picture frame.  Just as an example.

If you are into robots, Arduino, Raspberry Pi or whatever there are a ton of parts you now don't have to buy online.
Even the 24v power supply's are snap in.

As a matter of fact, don't throw out any electronic device if you are into this sort of hobby.
An old TV, as well as new, can provide parts galore especially CAPS.  You can even find flash memory from Smart TV's

As always, safety first.
Don't be stupid and do something if you haven't a clue.
I have been zapped a few times and I am surprised why I am even alive after all these years with what I have been through.

Till next time.

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