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No noise

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So I was working on something on my video editing software when all of a sudden, I couldn't hear anything it was doing. My speakers were working fine. So I tried resetting the computer and see if that solved it. No, still silence. And then I got a notice that I needed to update Windows, so I did that. That didn't help either, so I guess I won't be making videos until I get to Best Buy or something to get new video editing software that actually WORKS. I know I'm not getting Pinnacle, because of its tons of problems besides the fact that it quit outputting sound.


So I went back to work on MidSpace some more. Changed a few things. Now I have no more room left. I figured why make the missile be shown on screen after it zooms past the center line? So I put in some collision code for that and it. I also changed how often the food shoots. Now it can shoot more than once if you let it be on screen. In the previous version, it shot once and then quit. And then I noticed the screen jumping when the reset switch was pressed. So I fixed that as well.


I had a Famous Star from Carl's Jr. It was really good, although I could have gone without the cheese I didn't order that they decided to put on it. But I bet I gained some weight. It had been a while since my last hamburger and I wanted one.

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