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MidSpace Revisited

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So I went back to working on MidSpace. This time around, the goal was to put the original title screen music in. I put in the code and compiled. I had 89 bytes to get rid of. A monumental task for a game that I wanted to be 2k, but I began working on it, chipping away unnecessary code and other crap I didn't need. That was at about 8pm. Three hours later, I think I have finally done it. I had to do some weird stuff, but I had to to make it fit in the 2k I wanted.


I really like that title screen music. I think it's the best I ever composed for the 2600. Which is why I wanted to put it back in. Even though the song is only about 12 seconds or so long. This was all done by assembly. With tons of help and a sample program from SpiceWare, I was able to do this. I even looked for bugs. My Atari 2600's display looks like total crap, which is why I don't play it so much any more. Does anyone have a spare 2600 I could buy?

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