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I want a game I made in the AtariAge store.



I've tried contacting Albert. I tried to PM him, but I guess he's so busy making other games, and apparently mine aren't good enough. I thought MidSpace was good enough for a 2k game about shooting food in space, but I guess not. I've tried another thing with the 2600 with the 50-foot-tall stalk of celery, but to no avail. I remember long ago how pleased I was to have GoSub be in there. I just wanted to have another game be in there for people to buy.


I don't want money, I just make games because I don't have anything else better to do in my life. In fact the Atari 2600 is what got me started programming in general. I used to dabble in QBasic as a kid, but I didn't get very far. I had a friend as a kid who was a tech wizard. He knew everything there was to know about video games and how to make them. But this was back in the day when SNES and Genesis were popular. I wonder whatever happened to him. I bet he got a nice job being a programmer at some fancy video game making company.


But back to what I was saying. I got an Atari 2600 at a game store in 2005. I got another one when my first one quit working. I have over 300 games for the console, which is my biggest console library I have for all my consoles (in second place is the DS and the Game Gear is third.) So I decided to make a gaming website for the Atari 2600, which is how I found AtariAge. I've been meaning to change my username for some time now, but I don't know what to change it to. Plus, having the same name for 13 years and then suddenly being some other name might confuse people.


So now unless I find some bug or something, MidSpace is done. I put in the original title screen music I had before that I liked. And today while doodling in the bathroom, I made this:



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I'll try out MidSpace now that I've gotten PRGE behind me.  The two months leading up to the show are pretty nuts.  Just watched a video on YouTube -- for those who haven't seen it:



I like the title music, very nice.  :)  I'm amused about the pretzels and Chex squares.  Probably would have to change the name of those if this was published in the store..



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You could always make a game for the MSX and it may end up in the Opcodes store.  You might not get royalties though...



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