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I'm awake

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Well, I should hope so. I don't want to type when I'm sleeping. But what's unusual is the time I'm awake. It's 1 pm. Earlier I thought I'd go to the store and get that game I wanted. But apparently some guy bought it, which is really annoying because it was Cliffhanger for the NES. I mean, who would buy that besides me? So I settled on Shining Force for Game Gear. They wanted $50 for it. I know, I've seen it for cheaper on eBay, but then there's the shipping, and then a hassle if the thing doesn't work. I'd just assume to go back to a local store then to mail some non-working game back. Plus, I'm supporting the local economy.


But it works. They want $380 for the 3DO with a couple games for it. Um, no. So anyway, back to that Game Gear game. Does it have a battery? I mean, how could you save your progress if it doesn't? I pressed Start and it started up like it was a new game. Or are you supposed to sit and play it for a few hours, thus emptying your Game Gear power unless you have it plugged into the wall. That's what I do. I plug my Game Gear in the wall so I never lose batteries. There was a power outage I had for a few seconds when I was asleep a few days ago. And I'm glad that my Game Gear still works.


So now I have 142 Game Gear games. I used my last case. I went on eBay and boy are they expensive. I had to settle on the best deal of 10 for $14. I think tomorrow I'll work on my Game Gear game I was making. I'm making a new Game Gear game: "Hamburgers En Route To Switzerland 2." I thought about a subtitle "They Return", but the title is long enough as it is. Plus, it's my birthday tomorrow so I might as well do something I enjoy on it.

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