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Lovely birthday

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I had a good birthday. I got a couple of Switch games I need to try to get to. And some other stuff. And I decided to attempt to recode the part of Frank the Fruit Fly that has been giving me problems ever since I started on it. And I tested it for five minutes. Resetting the game over and over again and pressing B to get to the password screen. Not once did it do its stupid problem it's been doing about freezing and music going crazy and needing to reset.


But I am so sleepy now that all I want to do is sleep, but I hate sleep! I hate laying there for more than half an hour doing absolutely nothing except lay in bed with my eyes closed. So I'm going to put that off. About Frank, apparently it was the wing flapping part of the code that it didn't like. Unless it shows up again, the problem was once the wing flapping timer got at a certain number and got to the part that tells it to display the password screen at the same time, it goes berzerk. That's apparently why it wasn't showing up every time, just occasionally.

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