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Since I eliminated the bug in Frank the Fruit Fly about the title screen, I noticed a few weird things happening in-game. Since what I did to the title screen seems to have solved whatever was wrong with it, I decided to do the same thing to the in-game code. Actually, I was going to do so earlier but I forgot to. But now I did. I don't know why the game gets all weird whenever the flapping timer gets above the flapping limit. Common sense would indicate that Frank just would stop flapping his wings, but that's not the case and weird stuff happens.


So now the game SHOULD be bug-free. Well, except for Frank of course. And here's a picture of Frank at Area 52, a place made famous in the Secret Government Waffle Project. It appears here also. Because I was trying to think of stuff in a desert since it's the desert level I decided to work on. I think I'll make the desert level short because not much stuff happens in a desert. Frank has seen cacti, the sun, and Area 52. If you think of anything I should add, please tell me, preferably via PM.


I redesigned the building in Area 52. Thanks to a suggestion I got it has a garage-like door. The gray cylinders are where the lightning strikes from the UFO that's inside the building come out. They only fall or rise depending on where Frank is when he gets close to one. I used to have it move left or right but felt that was too hard, and slowing the strikes down just made it too easy.


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