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Episode IX Star Wars binge, part 4 (more KOTOR)

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I started to play Xbox Knights of the Old Republic for the first time in advance of Star Wars Episode IX ... although I've owned it for 15 years!  


On Monday I played for another hour or so.  I'm still on Taris but I have seemingly finished the sewers/Vulkar Swoop Bike prototype engine mission.   I  won the subsequent Swoop bike racing heats (not hard at all), and the female Jedi Bastila has been freed and she is a member of my party now.   I think I learned something about fighting in the Vulkar base sequences - use an Ion grenade to disable enemy personal force-fields,  *and* activate personal force-fields for all 3 members of your fighting party.   Don't forget to lob frag grenades too.   (also - manually save.  Frequently).  I have a couple unfinished missions which should earn me some credits at the very least, so next time I play I'll be wandering around the Cantinas and Apartments to complete those. 


Favorite parts of KOTOR so far .... running into the Rankor and my party getting demolished by it several times;  fighting Gamorrean Guards; seeing the various alien species walk about, species we first saw in A New Hope's Cantina scenes;   and the accurate SW sounds such as  Wookie bleats and growls . 

Star Wars! 


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