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The land of Alcadon Disambiguation Page



Welcome to the world of Alcadon!


Chances are if you're on this page you clicked the "What the heck is this?" link at the beginning of the chapter I posted.


How about I clear a few things up for you:

Alcadon is a fictitious land set on Earth, far in the future. So far that humanity won't be around to fact check.

Everything I post is considered a rough draft and is subject to change on a whim. Also, grammar is pretty rough.

I intend to release the story I've written chapter by chapter, one or two a week, it depends on the length of said chapter. I have completed a good chunk of the initial story but am not finished yet. I do intend to expand beyond the initial story as well.

I hope to one day get the story in good enough shape to release on Amazon as an Ebook. If that day does come... well, we'll get to that when it comes.

If you want everything in a more convenient form factor just visit the official website!


Before you start reading the story there is a bit of required reading so things don't get confusing.

(For the sake of keeping everything easy to navigate I'll just put them in quote windows so you know when the topic changes, and can minimize for quick navigation)


Here's the setup to the world:



A long time ago, in the future, the world came to a sudden and surprising end. The great world powers had become tired of ceaseless war ravaging the world they called home, the planet was past its breaking point and if humanity did not turn for the better they would all be wiped from existence by Mother Earth herself. Humanity had to overcome years of war, prejudice, and hatred to establish a benevolent world government, and they did, oh my, it was glorious. It took many years but eventually poverty and starvation were a distant memory, and technology had progressed beyond what was ever thought possible, humanity had beaten death itself. Vast metropolises populated by tens of millions punctuated the clean, pristine, landscapes. The air was clean and the world had been saved from total annihilation. People turned their heads from their homes on Earth to the stars above. Things were looking up, things were downright utopian, but of course as with every utopia not everyone was happy.


There were those who felt that this new age of peace was detrimental to humanity that the overarching control implemented by the new world government had stunted humanity. These people though that humankind needed war, and hatred, and death, to thrive, despite appearances to the contrary. Across the globe acts of terror were carried out in the name of a new world, in the name of progress. Brutal murders were carried out seemingly at random; the cold daggers of fear and paranoia were thrust into the minds of the people. These criminals were arrested and imprisoned of course, but like with any radical belief it spread, to the gullible, to the stupid, to the powerful.


These terrorists decided that one final act would spur the already frightened people over the edge. Unfortunately for them all of history’s greatest war machines had been dismantled and destroyed, the blueprints had been destroyed or lost, the very existence of these cataclysmic weapons of mass destruction had been wiped from the face of the earth. But luckily for them humanity hadn’t destroyed all of its weapons. Deep beneath the earth, buried by some long forgotten war from millennia long past they waited, like sleeping beauties. Ancient, nuclear, bombs, powerful enough to level an entire city and hundreds of miles of the surrounding countryside, the problem was finding these earthshakers. Records spoke of this ancient lost armory but not it exact location, but this was enough. After years of digging they found the armory and they found the bombs, as pristine as the day they were manufactured.  Each only the size of a man’s fist, they were smuggled into the largest cities and were set to explode all at the same time.


In an instant 75% of the human population evaporated, blasted back into atoms, where towering cities once stood only craters of glass remained. The terrorists had won, but they wound up destroying themselves with the rest of humanity. In mere moments humankind was blasted back into the Stone Age, all of its knowledge lost. For millennia they survived in darkness, primitive roots bursting to the surface. In parts of the world people regressed, they became the image of their ancient forefathers and lived as such, some regressed even further. The metropolises were abandoned as they crumbled to dust, humanity set out to start anew.

 Agrarian communities began to form and man began tilling the earth as his forefathers had done countless generations before. In some places the vast quantities of radiation had mutated the mind and body and those affected became like their oldest ancestors, vicious and animalistic.


The old way, the old knowledge was preserved in the deepest corners of the earth though, handed down from father to son, mother to daughter, to be kept in the shadows until the time was right.


Some of those who possessed the old knowledge would venture out into the world to try and better humanity, but more often than not they found themselves with a rope around their neck hanging from a tree. It went on like this for many years, failure after failure, until one man set humanity back on track. He set off not with the benevolent intentions of his predecessors, no, he set out for conquest. This man used his knowledge and charisma to build an army of mercenaries who had no qualms about using his technology and conquered the largest of humankind’s cities.


The city of Knossos was unprepared. In less than four hours the entire population was rounded up and presented to this technological warlord, they were to build him a new city to the south, a gleaming metropolis like those humanity had inhabited in an age long past. Forty thousand people were marched many miles south to the shores of Lake Halgue, the largest freshwater lake in the land, and they built.  These people who were little more than farmers were thrust into a new technological age whether they liked it or not. A glimmering metropolis grew from what was once a smoking hole in the ground, government, infrastructure, education, all followed. Humanity had been modernized once again, and that’s where this story begins, many years after the founding of the city of Alcadon.   


That's the setup. But there's a little bit more. Unlike today, the land of Alcadon is home to several different races of people. Here's a brief overview of the peoples of Alcadon from the perspective of somebody who lives there, Doctor Lawrence R. Tryel, he sounds very reliable.


A brief overview of the peoples of Alcadon

By Dr. L. R. Tryel


There is very little concrete information about the Indra, much of what is known is speculation and supposition, but here are the facts:

The Indra are cybernetic humanoid creatures of various shapes, sizes, colors, and genders. They have been found in cryogenic tubes by scavengers and archaeologists across the Mhoroyshi Salt Flats. The Indra seemingly were meant to be foot soldiers to fight in some ancient war but were abandoned at some point or another, documentation found alongside several of the pods have confirmed this. The clearest piece of documentation states:

“The Indra Project has been officially abandoned as of 4580 due to lack of volunteers.”


It is unknown what the ‘volunteers’ did exactly as the Indra appear to be autonomous cybernetic vehicles with no human input needed to function. It is unknown what powers them, there has been much speculation on that also, from outlandish theories regarding ‘Dark Matter’ to more logical explanations like solar energy, though this is as of yet unconfirmed. 


The physical appearance of the Indra varies wildly, though they all have a humanoid form, they all look wildly different with one similarity, they all lack facial features of any kind, simply a blank place where a face would normally be. Many outlandish, and at times, flamboyant designs have been observed including horns, and wings, with highly muscled bodies covered in a strange chitinous material that seems to act as either skin or armor, this is also unconfirmed. Height is varied with the shortest on record being a mere 4’ 1” with the tallest being 8’ 2” though these numbers are subject to change as more are discovered. ‘Skin’ color does not conform to human standards either, Indra have been observed in a multitude of colors spanning the visible spectrum though most seem to favor grays and blues.


Indra are famed for their physical strength, combat prowess, and incredible acrobatic skills. Most modern weapons are unable to even pierce their chitinous hides; the only effective weapons against them are blunt force weapons or the weapons of other Indra, which are uncommon at the best of times. This seeming invincibility has made them highly sought after as bodyguards and as mercenaries, but those seeking them out oftentimes have a difficult time acquiring their services. Most Indra cannot be bought, they do not care about material goods, they have no use for them, the only known way one can persuade an Indra to follow them is to prove your superiority in battle, you must be worthy of their services. Many have tried and failed to gain an Indra as their follower, many times leading to the death of the seeker as Indra are without mercy in such situations. The only Indra currently in service are the Four Horsemen to Mr. Laverne T. Schultz, it is unknown how he gained their services. The only Indra who performs services for monetary rewards is Kid though she has her reasons.

Every Indra found so far has been cryogenically frozen with a long range weapon, firearms, launchers, and bows have been seen or with a close combat weapon of some sort, hammers, swords, daggers, and even knuckle dusters have been observed, usually they have both. The weapons seem to be designed specifically for that particular Indra as perhaps a reflection of personality or their offensive function. No close study of Indra weapons have taken place due to the Indra being fiercely protective of them to the point of violence. Attempts to relieve one of the Four Horsemen’s, Famine’s specifically, weapon lead to the death of four interns and a small fortunes worth of property damage.


Most Indra wander around the countryside acting as vigilantes these Indra are referred to as ‘Rogue Indra’. Many grain transports have been saved from bandits by a wandering Indra who intervenes on behalf of those being attacked. Some Indra give money or food to those in need, though these behaviors are not shared by all Indra. It is known that Indra are fiercely protective of children and have on many occasions rescued them from perilous situations. It is unknown what Indra actually do out in the wilds; several researchers stumbled upon a known Indra, Lethe, sitting in some sort of meditative state whilst tucked away in some bushes. They were unable to rouse him, so it is inferred that he was in a recharge state or simply sleeping, or the Indra equivalent of it.


We do not know as of yet how Indra communicate, they lack mouths and have, to our knowledge, never made so much as a sound. Several Indra, including Mr. Schultz’ Four Horsemen are reported to have developed a rudimentary sign language for basic and tactical communications, others who seem to have gained this skill are the Indra Kid, and Anon, though theirs seem a bit more basic than even the Four Horsemen’s sign language. Indra seem able to communicate to each other, it is unknown how they do this though the usage of radio frequencies is suspected.


Here is a list of all known Indra with a basic overview of their visual appearance and preferred weapons:


Scorn: Scorn is the oldest known Indra with accounts of his existence dating back over four hundred years. His entire body is glowing white and skeletally thin, lacking any of the ornamentation or adornment that is standard on other Indra. He roams almost exclusively in the north around the Alcadon Plains and Foothills areas, though he has been seen south of the Cha’Brhom River and even as far south as the ruins of Knossos. It is unknown why but Scorn has some sort of grudge against the Tcha’Gough as he is known for exterminating entire tribes including the women and children. Because of his strange fascination with murdering the Tcha’Gough he is considered highly dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.

His preferred weapons are a simple unadorned bow that gleams with the same white aura that he does and a short white dagger that he has been observed using with deadly proficiency on several occasions.


Wulf: Wulf was uncovered on the outskirts of the Mhoroyshi Salt Flats approximately 200 years ago by a band of scavengers. Wulf is the nemesis of Scorn as he has been observed on many occasions running with the Tcha’Gough, it can be inferred that Wulf is a hunter. Wulf’s skin is a mixture of greens, grays, and browns and has been exclusively observed wearing a heavy cape of animal hides obscuring his back from view. He is burly in build with what appears to be the rough texture of stone on his chest, stomach, and legs, perfect for camouflage. Wulf and Scorn have fought on several occasions with the outcome usually being a draw; it is through these two that we’ve learned that Indra can in fact be wounded.

Wulf uses an ornately carved bow as his main ranged weapon and a four foot long cudgel as his close combat weapon; it is unknown what materials these weapons are constructed from though they have the appearance of wood. 


Four Horsemen: These four were uncovered as a group by an archaeological survey 35 years ago, they were found extremely close to the surface. The four are now in the employ of Laverne T. Schultz as personal bodyguards. Little is known about the four since they are usually sequestered away in the Schultz Building, all that is known for sure is their armaments.

Death: Death carries a rapidly firing rifle capable of piercing even the thickest of armors; his close combat weapon is a very thin whip that he also uses as a garrote.

War: War carries a small machine pistol capable of firing up to twenty rounds per second; he prefers close combat with a set of knuckle dusters that send concussive shockwaves through the victim’s body, usually leading to disintegration.

Pestilence: She favors a launcher type weapon that launches globules of highly acidic liquids that explode on contact with solid surfaces; the fumes of said poison are highly toxic. Her close combat weapon is a two foot serrated blade coated in a poisonous material, there is no hilt and she simply holds onto the blade when in combat.

Famine: Famine’s weapon is unique among the Indra as it seems they use their own bodily fluids to kill their enemies. Several thin tubes connect their gun to their back where it is seemingly pressurized and becomes capable of being launched across long distances. This thick, black, tar-like fluid is an incredibly strong adhesive and Famine usually sprays a healthy dose on their victim’s mouth, preventing them from eating and eventually leading to starvation. Famine’s close combat weapon is a basic unadorned broadsword about four feet in length; it is rarely ever used as few people ever get close enough.


Kid: Kid was unearthed by an archaeological excavation in the Mhoroyshi Salt Flats twenty five years ago. Kid has been observed as being the most sociable of the known Indra; she is also the shortest Indra on record at four feet one inches. Kid maintains a mostly neutral color pallet of grays and white with accents of pink and burgundy especially on the face and head. Her ornamentation is fairly plain with nothing overtly ornate with exception of her face which has formed what appears to be a facsimile of a pollution mask over where a mouth would normally be. Kid also has many long tendrils of chitin sprouting from the top of her head that appear to emulate the look of hair, it is unknown what purpose they serve and are thought to be merely aesthetic as she usually keeps them in a ponytail. Kid has also been observed on several occasions wearing human clothing, she seems to favor a bright pair of smiley face pajamas.

Kid is the most charitable of all known Indra and is often seen carrying several bags of coins to give to those in need, the coins she carries are payments for her services, as she is one of the few who can communicate with humans she is often contracted to do work. Often the work she takes on is hard labor, she has been documented as lifting objects that are over one ton in weight, she has also carried out rescue operations, and mercenary work as protection for VIP’s, she’s also been seen doing busy work such as washing dishes at restaurants and even helping a child clean their room. She is seen as a local celebrity for all the good work she does.

Despite being a resident of Rattrap, nobody really knows where kid lodges, it is thought that she simply wanders about the city but many are sure that she has a permanent residence somewhere. She is most often seen perched upon the high points of Alcadon or in trees.

Free Hugs: Kid is no stranger to publicity stunts the most unusual Kid has done to date is walk around the Schultz building with a sign saying ‘Free Hugs!’ pasted to her chest and back, it is unknown why she did this and it is thought that she wrote the sign herself which would indicate an understanding of written language. The event had to be broken up by the military and police after several thousand people swarmed the square to receive their free hug, Kid made her displeasure known by ‘flipping the bird’ and pantomiming ‘mooning’ at the encroaching military. After some research we learned what those gestures meant, the military stated they were not offended.

Kid’s armament is unusual as she only carries close combat weaponry, she carries a small dagger, a curved sword approximately three feet in length and a broadsword which when including the hilt is around two feet taller than she is. Most people agree that the oversize sword is very comical but Kid has shown on many occasions that she is well versed in its usage.


Wall: Wall was uncovered deep in the Salt Flats fourteen years ago by veteran archaeologist Herman Shtumpf. The name Wall is well given, standing at eight feet two inches, Wall is the tallest and most overtly muscular of all known Indra. Wall is currently rogue, he roams the sweeping Halgue Flatlands and is seen occasionally on the outskirts of Leb. Wall will assist Lebian hunting parties and will give gifts of meat to the people living there.

Wall’s primary weaponry is still a mystery as nobody has seen it nor has anybody seen him using it. Wall simply relies on his own physical strength to overpower his enemies.


Valkyrie: Valkyrie was excavated forty seven years ago by a group of scavengers; they knew better than to try and subdue her so they let her go free. Valkyrie has taken up residence deep in the Jungle of Kvasstch and the vast Forest of Khm’I Bakhan, she has been sighted many times by traders taking the Knoss river from the Great Salt Sea. She has been spotted in the southern Knoss wetlands where the Knoss River is nearest to Alcadon.

Valkyrie is lean in build and deep purple in coloration, almost black, with silver highlights near her joint areas. She seems to give off shadowy ephemera that keeps her slightly out of focus to the naked eye, though photographs have captured her clearly.

She carries a series of blades, consisting mainly of various sizes of battleaxe, and she carries an eight foot poleaxe for crowd control. 


Ghost: Ghost is the most mysterious of the known Indra. Found 68 years ago, the Archaeology team who excavated them was found nearly fifty miles away stark raving mad. Any time Ghost has been observed they are wearing a long dark cloak and a veil covering where their face would be. This cloak covers Ghost entirely and nobody has seen any part of them, apart from the excavation team and what they saw drove them to insanity, so perhaps its best we do not know.

Ghost’s weaponry is as much a mystery as their physical appearance; they are a very passive Indra who avoids any conflict so observers have never had the opportunity to see Ghost in action.


Anon: Anon was excavated 75 years ago by a team of junior archaeologists. Anon currently resides on a small island in the center of the Acid Sea, contact is only possible via air as the dissolving power of the water has liquefied several boats. Anon is a dark somber grey, five foot seven inches and wiry in build. Vein-like ridges spread out from his chest and cover his whole body; the top of his head is fairly flat with ridges raising around the edges much like a crown.

Anon is very friendly towards humans oftentimes preparing meals from ingredients he forages from the island, he is regarded as a remarkable chef. His rudimentary sign language is also of assistance to researchers. He is quoted as having “A dark sense of humor, often pantomiming laughing along with the researchers, even if the jokes aren’t remotely funny.”

Anon wields a six foot trident and carries a small pistol as his sidearm, he has never been observed in combat.


Bolt: All contact with Bolt ended when she entered the Olosos Crater Inhospitable Zone 13 years ago. Bolt was discovered in the center of the Mhoroyshi Salt Flats. She has been observed to be aggressive towards humans, holding her discoverers hostage until she entered the Inhospitable Zone and vanished. Analysis of the video footage taken of the hostage situation by body language experts revealed that she was in fact frightened by the whole situation.

Bolt is deep blue in coloration with white accents and striping along her arms and legs, her head is punctuated with a large jagged horn that wraps almost all the way over the top of her head and splits into three prongs. Her knees and elbows have similar horns but they are much shorter.

She carries what for lack of a better term is called an Arc Gun, it shoots arcs of electricity that are very effective against living tissue and electronics. She gave a small demonstration during the hostage situation, no one was killed but a lot of people were shocked if you’d pardon the pun.


Inferno: Inferno is the only known resident of the Alcadon Volcano. He was uncovered approximately 34 years ago by a cursory expedition to an unexplored corner of the Salt Flats. Inferno is incredibly shy and actively avoids any and all human contact. He is around six feet four inches and stocky in build he is a deep burgundy in coloration with glowing red ‘veins’ covering his body giving him the appearance of a walking lava flow.

Inferno uses a flame thrower type weapon to burn his enemies from afar and a thin curved sword around three feet in length for close quarters.


Pixia: Pixia was uncovered 65 years ago by a team of senior researchers; the location was extrapolated by information from Anon’s cryopod computer systems. Pixia is petite in build and stands at five feet dead. Her coloration is a deep forest green with highlights of purple, pink, and yellow. She has probably the most unique physical feature of any Indra; she has a large set of wings. The wings are styled like those of a dragonfly and are indeed capable of taking flight. Pixia currently resides in the vast Jungle of Khmret, there has been no contact with her since her discovery.

Pixia’s armament consists of a long thin straight edged sword around three feet in length, it is covered in a strange green substance, analysis has proven inconclusive. Her long range weapon is a small compound bow which differs from Scorn and Wulf’s recurve bows.


Lethe: Lethe was discovered 40 years ago on the outskirts of the Salt Flats. Lethe is a confusing one, whenever he has been observed he is always completely sedentary, he has never been seen moving apart from vague rumors. Lethe is green-grey in coloration, about five feet six inches and not at all muscular, in fact he is observed as having a bit of a beer belly. Lethe is armed with a small pistol and a short baton; he is clearly not equipped for offensive combat.


ERROR_302_REP_NOT_FOUND: This Indra currently does not have a name, its cryopod was found fully excavated and opened. Those who found it reported several human skeletons, perhaps the original excavators, on the ground beside the pod. Upon further examination it seems that just about every bone in their bodies was broken or fractured in some way. Nobody has seen this Indra and it is assumed that they are hostile towards humans judging by the corpses they left behind. All that was seen on the cryopod monitors was ERROR_302_REP_NOT_FOUND: Motor Operation Required General Assistance Needed.



Physical appearance: The Tcha’Gough’s physical appearance is comparable to that of Homo erectus, with harsh features and a pronounced brow ridge. There has never been found a fat or overweight Tcha’Gough as their metabolism is known to be highly overactive. A Tcha’Gough’s body is layered in hard lean muscle and it has been observed that due to their long, lanky limbs, and fast metabolism that the Tcha’Gough have been unable to bulk up any further, leading to a uniformity across their body types as each reach their limit early in life.


A Tcha’Gough’s hair is usually dark brown or even black though a variety of different colors have been observed from blonde to red and reportedly even purple, similarly with eye color the norm is brown but others have been observed. The Tcha’Gough’s most unusual feature is their pale grey skin, at first it was thought that they painted it this way with mineral dyes or clay but after inspecting tissue samples it was found that their skin is naturally grey. It is unknown what has caused this change in pigmentation. 


Population: The observed Tcha’Gough population is very small with fewer than 5,000 individuals being known, the population is growing however so these numbers may not be accurate.


Social Structure: The Tcha’Gough are a nomadic, tribal, people. Each tribe is lead by an alpha that is usually the strongest and fastest of the group, though there have been deviations. It has recently been observed that several clans are being lead not by the strongest but by the smartest, reverence is held for those capable of constructing tools and creating fire and some have been made tribe leader for it.


The Tcha’Gough though being nomadic by nature has a single permanent settlement on the outskirts of the Petrified Wood. The city, Djro’kr seems to be a religious Mecca to the Tcha’Gough as many of the younger members of tribes will journey there to participate in religious ceremonies. Those deemed too old by their respective tribe, or unable to keep up/participate fully in tribe activities, are sent to Djro’kr to live the rest of their lives in relative comfort. Food is supplied to the city by several tribes that appear to guard the city, never venturing far except to hunt, this might mark a turning point in their nomadic ways as more and more seem to join these ‘guard tribes’


Religion/Ceremonies/Gods: The Tcha’Gough people are monotheistic, believing that their one god, Li’Djein is trapped in the Petrified Wood, hence the city of Djro’kr on its outskirts. Through a series of complicate and intricate rituals that include the sacrifice of an animal the high elders of Djro’Kr claim to have visions of Li’Djein.


Every year two Tcha’Gough, one young and one old, are chosen by the high elders to venture into the Petrified Wood to seek and find Li’Djein. Due to the unusually high amount of radiation in the forest both participants die very soon after entering.

Expeditions into the Petrified Wood have located what the Tcha’Gough refer to as the Temple of Li’Djein, it appears to be an entranceway to an underground building but extreme radiation has kept expeditions from going any further. 


Diet: Meat, meat, and more meat, the Tcha’Gough do not care if it is cooked or raw they will eat it if it at one point or another carried a pulse. Forgoing the usual hunter/gatherer mentality the Tcha’Gough will bring the entire tribe on the hunt, including women and children who are more than capable of holding their own against the various types of creature the Tcha’Gough hunt. Due to their immense appetites they must eat at least fifteen pounds of meat daily, though it has been noted that as they age their food needs diminish, by the time a Tcha’Gough reaches fifty years of age their food intake drops to only needing seven pounds meat daily, and those lucky enough to reach seventy years of age or older eat only three pounds on average.


Recreational Activity: Due to being on the hunt almost constantly there is very little time to relax, it seems the only recreational activities the Tcha’Gough participate in is wrestling which sometimes leads to the death of one or more of those involved.


Everyday Life: A Tcha’Gough has a very simple everyday existence, grueling exercise in pursuit of its prey; there is very little deviation to this redundant schedule.


Locations: The Tcha’Gough roam across the Acadon Plains and Foothills and are commonly seen in the northern parts of the Knoss Wetlands near about the Petrified Woods. They have never ventured farther south than the ruins of Knossos.


Fears: The Tcha’Gough seem to have a blatant disregard for their own health and safety. They seem to know that they are stronger than anything that could possibly be a threat to them. The only thing they seem to have fear for, though in some cases it seems to be more of a reverence, is for/of the Indra Scorn. 


Language: A harsh and growling language that focuses mainly on consonants, very aggressive sounding.


History: Little is known about the origin of the Tcha’Gough, it is believed that they are the product of radiation leading to mutation, coupled with the primitiveness of their surroundings culminating in the total regression seen. There is no surviving historical documentation, if there ever was any, from the time of the Tcha’Gough’s emergence, though it’s believed they’ve walked alongside humans for several millennia.

The Shalti:

Physical appearance: The Shalti are human in appearance, they share all known physical attributes as humans and rarely stray from the norms.


Social Structure: The Shalti have a basic hierarchical structure where each settlement has one superior who reports to their leader who is situated in the largest settlement. They carry out democratic elections every four years to select the new superiors.


Diet: Meats, fruits, and vegetables, just like everybody else.


Recreational Activity: Despite using technology to farm, the Shalti live a very traditional life, usually reading paper books, exercising, and taking up a study. Many of Alcadon’s finest doctors of medicine and psychology are Shalti.


Religion/Ceremonies/Gods: None


History: The Shalti were the unintended side effect of unchecked cloning procedures 50 years ago. The Shalti were initially meant to be cheap factory made labor for the growing population of Alcadon. Due to overuse of the DNA imprint, mutation began to show. Initially it was something as innocuous as different colored hair or eyes but it soon grew to differences in gender and the ability to mate. Despite ostensibly being clones the amount of mutation made the genetic material different enough for healthy procreation to be possible. Due to this newfound ability the government classified the Shalti as citizens of Alcadon and struck a deal with them. As long as the Shalti continue to provide food for Alcadon and the government lets them do as they please, it has proven to be a very bounteous relationship.


Everyday Life: A vast majority of Shalti farm for a living, either livestock or produce. Some attend school; their daily routines are very traditional with many everyday utilities being absent. They still manually pump their water, and have no indoor plumbing, let alone electricity. Only with their farming duties do they deign to use technology.


Locations: There are approximately 45 Shalti settlements surrounding Alcadon, though many are to the northeast, nearer to the Knoss River, the largest is Ozri, it is also the closest to Alcadon.


Fears: The Shalti are nearly unflappable, very rarely have the Shalti run from anything and only for self preservation. This doesn’t mean they are incapable of feeling; they are known for their good senses of humor and are really quite personable people, but when times get tough they are as steady as the earth they stand on

For the sake of simple browsing I'll include portraits of the Indra separately. Several will be revealed as the story goes on




Maps are nice, here, have one:



As I release more of the story I'll add links to each chapter in this quote box here. Each chapter will also have a link leading back here for those who have no clue what any of this is.



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