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Wii uDraw

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I can't find my Wii anywhere, so I guess I'll have to get a used one at the game store. So I found my uDraw games. I wanted to play them, but I need my Wii. I looked around, I found my Wii-U, but no Wii anywhere. And I can't use the Wii-U because I have no cord to plug it into the TV anywhere. What I basically want to do is make a Wii game. But not just an ordinary Wii game, but one that uses the uDraw. I found the uDraw, I found the games for it, but I have no Wii and I have no controller.


The uDraw was a very interesting drawing pad for the Wii made by THQ. Until the Wii-U trumped it with a controller with a screen you could draw on. There were also versions for the PS3 and X-Box 360, but I think the Wii version had the most number of games for it, with a grand total of 9. I have these 9 games. (If I'm wrong and there's more please tell me.) 2 I never got around to opening. I'd have to start anew on the platforming game Dood's Big Adventure, which, while I should because it had been forever since I last played it, it would have been nice to have some more levels to play that I didn't need to unlock.


So what is my idea? A little collection of games featuring the character I created called Zyx. Anyone who has a copy of Intv Basic Showcase #1 can play it. What I want to do is similar. Have a game where the Zyx is in a well and he catches the bananas falling down. And another game like my Alien Greed where bananas pop up on the screen and the Zyx has to go catch them. In both games, the stylus is used to control the Zyx. I'd call it "Zyx's Fun Pack #1."


But first I need to learn how to program a Wii game. What do I use? What software? What programming language? How can I test the game on a Wii? Can I even make a game using the uDraw? As you can probably tell, I have no idea how to start. It just seems a shame there were only 9 games. But that's way more than, say, the DK Bongos ever got (4, 3 in the U.S.) Nintendo has a history of giving up too soon on its products if they're not runaway successes at launch. Virtual Boy, Pokemon Mini, Wii-U, Game Boy Color, etc.


As for my throat, I successfully swallowed my 2 big pills I need to take every day. The last couple of days I had been taking them apart and putting the stuff in water. It tastes disgusting. Yesterday I tried putting the stuff in Snapple. That didn't help mask the taste. So earlier today I got sick and tired of doing that. I don't know what I'll do tomorrow. The stuff I got to help with my throat must be doing its job, but I don't want to tax my throat with a bunch of challenges all at once so soon. Thanksgiving is coming up, so I'm just going to eat mashed potatoes, stuffing, and chocolate pie. No turkey. Because I'd probably choke on it. I don't really like turkey anyway, so no big loss.

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