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Jaguar stuff

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So I thought to myself "Hey, why not just make my proposed game using the uDraw from yesterday's blog entry for the Jaguar? At least I have the software needed to make a working Jaguar game." So that's what I was going to do. I had a horrible problem though that I got help on. And then I added some music to the title screen.


I'll work on this some more Monday. I thought of another game I could put in the collection: So now I have 3.

  • Classic Zyx - Zyx is in a well and you need to catch the bananas and jump over enemies.
  • Greedy Zyx - Bananas keep magically appearing in a field and Zyx must go get them while avoiding enemies.
  • Running Zyx - A lot like an auto-scrolling Super Mario stage where bananas appear randomly in a highway for Zyx to get while he's avoiding stuff that's coming in the different lanes.


So those will be the 3 games I shall work on for the "Zyx game collection #1". I figure three games for the price of one is way better than just getting one game for the price of one. That is, if this game will even have a price. I thought I was going to release Aaron the Aardvark, but I guess having a project where I am in complete control and make all the stuff myself, it will have a way better chance of being finished. Thought of something I can add in Classic Zyx: Deadly watermelons. So I have a new Jaguar project to work on.


So I went to get the Jaguar out of the garage. Winter's coming and so since it's apparently going to be a colder than usual winter, I figure I'll just keep the Jaguar inside this winter. Because I don't want it to break because ones on eBay are about $300 even without the CD unit. Who knew? I don't have the CD unit. I had some stuffing today. It is a great thing to eat year round. Because it tastes good.

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