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Greedy Zyx

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I named it "Greedy Zyx" because it plays a lot like the game "Alien Greed." I had a ton of trouble trying to make multiple lists, but I think I have the hang of it now. I have been working a lot on it today. Like, almost all day. And now I'm tired of it. But I'll go to sleep and want to work on it tomorrow, making some sound effects for the game.


Right now it technically is a game, where you can die if the eggplant touches you. I don't know whether more enemies should come as time goes on. I think I will add that. I absolutely despise Virtual Jaguar's key setup. It's horrible. Why not just use the arrow buttons? Why use adsx? That's really dumb!


As for my throat, I think I have been gaining a lot of weight because of all the ice cream I've been eating. Tomorrow I want to try to eat onion rings. But my plan for thanksgiving is the same: only mashed potatoes and stuffing and chocolate pie if there is one.

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