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Cruizin' Discord - Bubsy Fan Comic Released! - November 2019




Xinny The Caracal Yesterday at 3:03 PM

@everyone It is here! Welcome to the REAL 23rd Anniversary of Bubsy 3D! And also to the release of the fan made Bubsy comic, Bubsy: Cat-astrophic Capers! Featuring the works of Spongefox, Campa, GastroReid, woolietrash and myself, to name a few, it is a 16 page fun bit of work that took a few months before it's grand release! Just want to thank everyone who joined in on this. All of you are awesome, especially those who couldn't make it on time. It was a busy time of year, i will admit, especially since this was delayed from October 31st to now, but for the first community project of this Bubsy fan server, the fact we have 16 pages of comic is pretty good! We have one more comic that will be incoming as a bonus for this project by our Bubsy mascot and artist @Rusty-the-Bobcat , but that won't be for a while. For now though, we hope you all enjoy these short little comics, from one offs to strips to full pages, from many fans of the bobcat! Comic PDF:
(Or download the attached file. - Doctor Clu)   ;)


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