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I don't know why or how, but getting rid of the ".orgfill 0x10000" statement made me able to fit in another screen. So I'll be working on Frank the Fruit Fly until I can't any more. It is odd though that I can. But I don't know how much longer it will let me. I've finished level 3 and will get to work on level 4 now. Hard to believe that tomorrow is Thanksgiving. And then Christmas and then... the roaring twenties. Help me. I'm old. But I shouldn't feel all that old because I'm only in my late 30s. It's like that geezer in that ad that said "I've got a nice long life ahead of me." I choked a little on my pill that is supposed to not make me choke. I find that ironic. I have to cut it in half because it's a great big square. I had to buy a pill cutter.

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Special Thanks to Yasasheep of Discord for helping me with code so I can put tilemaps anywhere I want to. Yay! Level 4 will be the ocean.

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