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Level 3 completed

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So I just finished up level 3 of Frank the Fruit Fly. I think with help I finally conquered the fact that I had to put all the screens in the first bank. This helps a bunch because my original plan was to make a massive game out of this, with like at least 8 levels, or as many as I can fit in. And with the game at 97KB and all the retail Pokemon Mini games having 512KB, I have a loooong ways to go. Which, while good, it also means tons of work for me. And seeing as how I've been working on this game for a year and a half and only just now starting on the fourth level, well, let's just hope you and I are alive and well 10 years from now.


And yes, I have stuff backed up for compiling both on an SD card and on my website. I did a test run for level 3 and noticed some things were not working correctly, so I had to go back and fix some mistakes I made. Now level 3 is working fine. So next, Frank will take a dip into the ocean. Fruit flies can swim? Well, this one can. Let's just hope ants can't because they invaded my bathroom and I had to pick at least a few dozen and flush them down the toilet. It was icky.


I went to my sister's for thanksgiving. I got brave and ate some potato chips and a couple deviled eggs. But no turkey. I felt like I'd choke on it. There were these sausage slices I wanted, but I knew if I tried to eat one, the risk of choking on it would be there. Even though the pills seem to be working good. I still have problems sometimes. Not on not being able to keep stuff down, but with my throat hurting and keep burping out miniature burps a lot. Even though that seems to have decreased a lot. But man it was boring there. So boring I helped my sister peel potatoes. And then I ate some mashed potatoes and stuffing. It was good. But I can't stand being away from home for more than 4 hours because I bore quite easily.


Yet I still have the attention span to work on games for years. How odd is that?


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