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Cruizin' eBay - Euro Gameboy 2 box - December 2019



Yesterday Kris Randazzo on Twitter showed a nice collection which lot of us Bubsy Fan Server goers were encouraging and chiming in on:




I complimented on how the Gameboy 2 box, the one of the lower right, was one impressive box to find.   I shared a picture of my collection, and got to thinking, what other variants are out there?   This is has been something I have wondered for two decades since I got my first Bubsy game in 1999 for the Atari Jaguar.


Tonight, I have a wondrous one to share as I really got to looking on the interwebs.   Feast your eyes on the Gameboy 2 EURO version...



Hubba hubba.  What a nice game box.  Instead of yellow like the US version, it is black.  Would that look nice on a book shelf?   Just $500 USD... or you can make an offer.


If you are willing to part with the cash, this would be a gem in a Bubsy collection.  Me, aside from hoping a Bubsy collector will have this in the community, I feature it here to make us aware of another cat variant out there in the wild. 

(I still hope to find Bubsy out there in Isreali or some Middle East language.. that would be wild!)



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